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 GNYHC Mission Statement    
The Greater New York Havanese Club (GNYHC) is a specialty breed club whose mission is to educate both the Havanese exhibitor and pet owner about the breed: its special needs; its health issues and to mentor new Havanese owners.Club objectives are to: protect breed integrity, support and encourage public education, Havanese exhibition in shows, responsible breeding practices, disseminate information about breed health issues, participate in Havanese rescue, and host the GNYHC website.The GNYHC subscribes to the Code of Ethics, Constitution and By-Laws of the Havanese Club of America, and the American Kennel Club.
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What's On Tap: 
GNYHC Specialty &
AKC Meet the Breeds
​@ Two locations in NYC
Saturday Feb. 13
THE GNYHC is proud to represent HAVANESE at 
AKC Meet The Breeds event at Pier 92 & 94.One admission=entry to both piers
711 12th Ave 
55th St and West Side Highway   NYC 10019

PIER 92 - arranged alphabetically

This is a wonderful place to come and learn more about Havanese. The express purpose of the event is to present to the public each dog breed so you can decide if this is the dog for you!  

Come see Havanese and speak with knowledgeable owners.  
Saturday February 13
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